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"No one understands the pain I'm feeling."

"Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind!"

"My friends and family don't understand why I still need to grieve."

"Will I ever feel really alive again now that my spouse is gone?"

A death in the family is a heart wrenching experience that we must face eventually. How can we help the people in our family as they cope with the normal feelings of grief experienced at the death of a spouse -- feelings of confusion, loneliness, loss of identity and self esteem?

Joyful Again!, a retreat open to people of all faiths, is designed to help widowed persons move through bereavement and toward a state of psychological, spiritual and emotional wholeness.

Joyful Again! is based on the belief that with God's help all things are possible; that through Him we can help ourselves and each other.

Having other widowed people with whom to share your feelings can help you find the strength to work through your grief and achieve personal growth in the acceptance of your loss.

Joyful Again! is a spiritual retreat for widowed men and women who want to resolve the normal grief they feel and begin to live again. This self-help process toward healing is fostered by trained volunteers who have experienced the pain of loss themselves and have moved forward in their healing journey.